The Timpani WordPress Platform means WordPress hosting done right.

Created by a team of experts with an unmatched knowledge of all aspects of WordPress and cloud technology, we understand that WordPress demands exquisitely-tuned security, performance and flexibility. Timpani does this right out of the box.

Developers  enjoy performant, rock-solid WordPress instances; superb staging and deployment facilities; and support from humane experts.

A word from our CTO


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nick Mailer, tells us more about the Timpani launch

I am so excited to launch Timpani. It's such a fulfilling time to be working with WordPress. Today, we find WordPress in around 60% of sites that use a CMS. Its adoption rates show no sign of slowing. Almost 25% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress, and more than 60 million do in total. As such this vibrant market deserves more than just a handful of big incumbents and barrel-full of smaller “bedroom operators”. It’s clear that there’s plenty of room for a thoughtful, well-managed WordPress platform. That's where Timpani comes in.

We have designed Timpani as a whole to scale elegantly with our client-base. We can easily provide the resources required to the growing demands of our customers, without having to lurch our way through disruptive upgrades, or periodic “slowdowns”. We provide the best of the cloud: an agile, scalable platform-as-a-service, without burdening our clients with the worst: erratic pricing and questionable security alongside the best in traditional values of service and support.

Timpani’s team has a deep heritage in the WordPress world. We have helped to deploy and look after some of the largest, busiest, most complex WordPress sites around. This includes large e-commerce sites for huge multinationals, astonishingly popular online magazines, and celebrity blogs which gain hundreds of thousands of hits within a minute of their being tweeted; furthermore, we’ve also had our mettle tested by having to secure WordPress environments against the most stringent of opponents, including hostile foreign states! Thus, we’re not simply a “pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap” bunch of chancers, looking for an opportunity in a commoditised market. Instead, your site gets to leverage the full advantage of our vast experience for an astonishingly low monthly price.

And next? Well, we have so many cool ideas that we’ll be unveiling as features over the next months, it’s difficult not to feel like a kid in a sweet-shop! All our subscribers will have immediate access to them as part of their platform with us as they come online. More importantly, though, we want to make clear what’s NOT next for Timpani: we have no interest in growing at the expense of unravelling our tailored service, of over-expanding so that things start to slow down or become unreliable, or to start introducing policies that alienate our clientèle merely to accommodate our bloated corporate requirements! We’ve designed our platform from the ground up to scale elegantly, and this includes everything about us: our technology, our team and our business as a whole.